The En-Bloc Chronicles: Thomson View Condominium

The Collective En-bloc Sales Chronicles of Thomson View Condominium: A Glimpse into the Property.

Situated in the heart of Singapore, Thomson View Condominium spans a substantial land size of 50,208 square meters and holds a 99-year tenure with 200 strata units, 54 landed strata houses, and a bustling commercial shop. This residential land is a cornerstone in the city’s real estate scene in Thomson, designated with a notable plot ratio of 2.1.

Embarking on the En-Bloc Journey

2013: Hurdles and Halts
In 2013, a promising deal worth S$590 million faced an unexpected hurdle. The former marketing agent, HSR International Realtors, introduced improper incentives, leading to the voiding of the agreement. 

2018: Striving for Consensus
Throughout 2018, the property made earnest attempts to secure an 80% approval for the en-bloc collective sale. Despite persistent efforts, achieving consensus among subsidiary proprietors remained elusive, creating a sense of determination within Thomson View Condominium.

2021: Navigating Challenges
In 2021, a grand launch valued at S$950 million encountered challenges amidst cooling measures. Navigating through Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) percentages, TDSR limits, and HDB loan restrictions, the residences exhibited resilience in the face of market challenges.

2022: A Strategic Collaboration
Elevating its market presence in 2022, Thomson View Condominium strategically appointed OrangeTee Advisory as the exclusive marketing agent from May 11, with the same reserve price of S$950 million. The aim was to strategically amplify its allure and navigate the complex real estate landscape.

2024: A Fresh Start
Under the guidance of exclusive marketing agent Edmund Tie, the property underwent a relaunch with a lower reserve price at S$918 million. This showcased a commitment to adaptability and market responsiveness, marking a fresh start for Thomson View Condominium.

Calculating the Potential: Plot Ratio Factor

With a Plot Ratio of 2.1 and a substantial land size of 50,208 square meters, the anticipation of a calculated gross floor area hints at potential transformations and future possibilities for Thomson View Condominium.


The collective en-bloc sales journey of Thomson View Condominium is a pragmatic exploration of challenges, resilience, and strategic decisions. As the property continues its narrative, it remains a significant participant in the dynamic tapestry of Singapore’s real estate.